Dear Enthusiast,

It all began in 1980 when I witnessed my first Ski Nautique.  I was floating in the middle of Lake Herrington, as I watched and listened to the 1979 Ski Nautique of Mr. Joe Duff pass by me.  I will never forget the way it made me feel.  I thought to myself at that moment,  ̄I have to own a Nautique ̄. Twenty four years and 7 Nautiques later, I still am fulfilling my dream.  It is not a hobby or a sport to me; it is a way of life.

I do not believe or practice pressuring sales tactics.  I am employed full time by Toyota Motor Manufacturing now for 7 years.  I do this business to supplement my wife staying at home with children.  To build a foundation in the industry for a future Nautique Dealership.  To do a job which I can be passionate and sincere about.  As well as it keeps me in a new Nautique every year.  What better part time job could a man have??!!

Whether you are buying, selling, locating, advertising, or brokering with me, I am 100% committed to providing you with first class service.  Feel confident I will do what it takes to deliver, and to keep you afloat in a quality pre-owned inboard.

May God Be With You ´

Brandon Todd Cruse


© 2004 Central Kentucky Inboards

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